To get from dream to reality you need assistance in managing the process.  Thanks to our years of experience we assist you in negotiating the myriad of choices and conversations that a construction process demands.  There are three main areas where we make a difference:

Design – whether an architect is required (or your nephew is creative) the design is the beginning.  We complement the designer by listening attentively to your needs and the goals. Oftentimes, we provide out-of-the box solutions to the limitations that a project brings with it.

Finances – Implementing dreams requires that we develop a budget.  We translate the design into numbers, incorporating every item that the project requires:  from wood and screw to towel hanging hooks. We’ll consult real estate experts if needed. Then we review the budget with you, adding here and subtracting there to reach a realistic project.

Project Management – building is a time-consuming process and our expertise is in being hands-on.  We help you select and negotiate with each trade, and then we focus on one thing:  COMMUNICATION.  Every day we are in touch with you and each trade, anticipating material deliveries, coordinating sequence of events, predicting the effects of weather on the timeline, and finally filling in the gaps when a change has to be made.  We use phone, email, and just plain talk to ensure that we reach your goal of a quality build completed on time and on budget.

Our Clients include:

  • Homeowners who want to remodel
  • Buyers of new properties who need work before they move in
  • Sellers of buildings who need to get them ready for sale
  • Developers who need an efficient process
  • Builders who need reliable management